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For anyone thinking about making money online, the bottom line is this: You must be dedicated, consistent, patient, and go through the right training. Anyone who tells you that you can start making money overnight is lying. There is nothing like making money at home working for yourself, but in order to achieve lasting success, you must implement the lessons Jeff Lerner has taught in his program and his books. With the correct training, you can be an expert marketer in a very short period of time.

One of the first lessons taught in Jeff Lerner’s program is to be consistent. This means being in business for yourself and marketing consistently. A lot of people get caught up in getting rich quickly. This might work for you in a dream business, but it will not work for real life. Think about how many times you buy a product on eBay, how many times you visit a website, or go to an auction site. Every action you take, whether it’s filling out a survey, commenting on someone else’s blog, or buying a product, is marketing.

Vlog #24 is here and it officially marks the season finale - don’t miss it!

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From being recognized by the Honors College at the University of Houston to interviewing the amazing Chris Voss - this Vlog was one of the most exciting for me.

Come along for the ride as we chat book deals, trips with my wife, juggling traveling with work, and all of the rest of it!


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