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Patch Baker tells it how it is. Success takes time and adversity. But you can take a shortcut here-and-there.

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Today’s guest on the Millionaire Secrets podcast, "Helping Veterans Excel At Becoming Entrepreneurs", is Patch Baker.

Patch is a retired US Marine Sergent, with 14 years of service.

He entered the military at just 17 years old and he tributes the discipline and systems that he learned while in the services as being the catalyst to his success in business.

Fast forward to the present day…

And Patch is a serial entrepreneur, investor, expert marketer, and thought leader. His most prominent presence online is in helping his fellow veterans startup in online entrepreneurship.

My conversation with Patch today was a fascinating one. So good, that we actually ran into overtime!

One of the central themes that we explore is the notion of new entrepreneurs wanting fast success.

It’s their hunger for overnight success that actually drives a lot of the scams and fake gurus that unfortunately fill this space.

Skills take time to learn.

Generally, you’ve gotta crawl through the mud of adversity to achieve success.

You can’t learn to play the guitar like the world’s greatest guitarist in just a few weeks. Even if you paid that guitarist $10 million dollars to mentor you! It’s just not gonna happen. Same in business.

Enjoy today’s podcast!

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1 year ago

Genuinely one of the best interviews I have ever heard for new entrepreneurs. Straight talk and no bullshit. Amazing episode Jeff! #entrenation


1 year ago

First of all, I want to thank Patch for his 25 years of military service. Secondly, I LOVE the complete honesty of this video. "It's NOT overnight" - "ALWAYS change, adjust and tweak!" - ":Learn to say what the customer wants to hear you say, what they want/need to hear". And lastly - "SELL THE SEXY and then give them what they need" is going to be my new mantra. THANK YOU JEFF!

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1 year ago

About 1/2 way through I began to think I had a good grasp of what you were presenting in the video, and almost shut off the video. I'm so glad I listened to that inner voice. Jeff, you and Patch provided so much encouraging information. Most of all I now know my normal methods of learning, taking on what is next to come, are exactly on track. Thanks to you both for sharing so much knowledge. Thank you Jeff for your willingness to change the lives of people you don't know or most likely will ever meet. These are truly amazing times we live in.

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Drew Gallagher

1 year ago

Its so hard to be patient with success, but its the reason for the success ~ i have to work on this big time 😂


1 year ago

Hey superb video dear.. Keep shinning


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