How Most Jobs Are Like Dating A Narcissist

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How Most Jobs Are Like Dating A Narcissist

Does your job make you…

❌ Feel like it's the most important thing in your life, do you stress about it in your free time and in turn use your free time to try to relieve some of your stress by doing additional work.

❌ Feel like you can’t relax, the need to check your work emails at 11pm when you can’t sleep is a daily occurrence.

❌ Feel like you are under appreciated, when was the last time you got praise for something?

❌ Feel like you are in a troubled relationship…

There is a reason why you feel like this... it’s because you're dating a narcissist and that narcissist is your job!

Join my Livestream today and we will go over why the sense of importance, the excessive need for attention, the lack of empathy are all the traits of a true narcissist.


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