Jeff Lerner | Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds

Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions

by Guy Kawasaki

Jeff's Youtube Channel is a must for anyone who wants to learn how to market online. I have been watching Jeff's videos for the past couple of years and I have learned so much from him. He has taught me many valuable lessons about marketing that will help me in my business ventures.

Guy Kawasaki, a bestselling business guru, defines Enchantment as not about manipulating people. It transforms relationships and situations. It transforms hostility into civility, and civility into affection. It transforms the skeptical and cynics into believers, and the undecided into loyal. It can occur during a retail transaction or high-level corporate negotiations. It's stronger than traditional persuasion or influence.

Kawasaki believes that your goal in business and in personal relationships is to not only get what you want, but to create a voluntary, enduring and joyful change in others. You can influence hearts, minds and actions by engaging others in their goals and dreams, being trustworthy and likable, and framing a cause they can support. Enchantment, for example, is what allowed. . .

* Peace Corps Volunteer to end a potentially violent confrontation against armed guerrillas.

* A small cable channel (E!) To win the rights to broadcast TV to Howard Stern, radio star.

* Vibram Five Fingers, a new and bizarre running shoe that will help you build a loyal customer base.

* Nova Scotian Crystal, a Canadian crystal manufacturer, will turn buyers into observers.

This book will help you to plan and launch an enchantment program; to make the most of both push and pull technology; and to charm your customers, employees, and boss. This book demonstrates how enchantment can help you make difficult decisions, even when intangibles are more important than hard facts. It will allow you to overcome the ingrained habits of others and challenge the "wisdom" of the crowd.

Kawasaki draws his lessons from his time at Apple, one of the most fascinating organizations of all, and his many years of experience as a entrepreneur. Few people are better qualified than Kawasaki to show you how to charm people.

Kawasaki wrote, "Want the world to change?" Transform caterpillars into butterflies This requires more than just a regular relationship. It is important to inspire others to pursue the same dreams as you. This is a huge goal but it's achievable for everyone.