Jeff Lerner | Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us by Seth Godin

Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us

by Seth Godin

Jeff is one of the best personal branding and marketing experts out there. I love his way of making it fun to learn about online business in a very down-to-earth and interesting way. He teaches you all you need to know about social media, affiliate marketing, webinars, email marketing etc. The information he provides is just excellent and easy to understand as well as actionable so that every person can make money from his knowledge (and experience). - S

​​​​The New York Times , BusinessWeek and Wall Street Journal Bestsellers that redefined what it meant to be a leader.

Seth Godin's visionary book, almost a decade old, has helped thousands of leaders transform a small group of followers into a loyal band. This book will help you to unite employees, customers and investors, hobbyists, readers, and other people around your idea.

Human nature is to search for tribes. The Internet has removed the geographical, cost and time barriers. Anyone who wishes to make a difference has the tools and resources to use social media.

Godin shares the three steps of building a tribe with his trademark wit and storytelling flair.

Leadership is not for you. Leaders can come in many forms. Joel Spolsky, a scary-smart software engineer from the international tribe. Gary Vaynerhuck is a wine expert who has a loyal following. Chris Sharma led a group of rock climbers to the top of impossible cliff faces while Mich Mathews (VP at Microsoft) managed her internal tribe from her cube in Seattle.

Tribes can help you to think - really think -about the possibilities of mobilizing an audience that is already available. Although it is not an easy task, it is possible.