Jeff Lerner | Decisive: How to Make Better Choices in Life and Work

Decisive: How to Make Better Choices in Life and Work

by Chip Heath, Dan Heath

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Chip, Dan Heath and Switch are the best-selling authors of Made To Stick. They tackle the critical topic of how to make better decisions in your personal and professional life.

Psychology research has shown that we are overconfident and our decisions are affected by a variety of biases. Information that supports us is sought out and rejected. Our attention is drawn to short-term emotions. Our brains are not good at making decisions. Unfortunately, being aware of these weaknesses doesn't solve the problem. What can we do to improve?

Decisive is a book by the Heaths that presents a four-step process to combat these biases. It is based on an extensive study of decision-making literature. Decisive is written in a compelling and easy-to-read style. It takes the reader on a memorable journey from a rock star’s clever decision-making trick to a CEO’s disastrous acquisition to a simple question that can often resolve difficult personal decisions.

We will learn important questions along the way such as: How do we stop agonizing about our decisions? How can group decisions be made without destroying politics? How can we make sure we don't miss valuable opportunities to change our course of action?

Decisiveis one of the most important and powerful books by the Heath brothers. It offers new strategies and practical tools that will help us make better decisions. The right decision at the right time can make all of the difference.