Jeff Lerner Review - EIN Reputation Skyrockets

EIN Reputation Skyrockets

Jeff’s story is a remarkable one. Facing bankruptcy from failed businesses and $500,000 in debt several years back, his one source of income as a jazz pianist was abruptly curtailed when he injured his hand. Determined to succeed, he learned as much as he could about entrepreneurship and business and eventually made an astounding comeback – so much so, that his yearly sales income is now approaching the $100 million mark.

Jeff learned from his own mistakes and his own experiences, and with this in mind, he has a lot of wisdom to impart to anyone thinking of starting their own business. For this reason, he established ENTRE Institute, an online training platform that shows people how to set up an online business for a lifetime. As thousands of students will attest, the platform is proven to work, and each component of the program is taught by real entrepreneurs who have created their own success stories.

How do you measure SUCCESS?

This week I share how I measure success in my life and why it motivates me to work as hard as I do even though I’m already successfully unemployed!

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And it’s not just me giving you valuable advice this week…Jaqueline Lerner also chimes in with an eye-opening parenting hack that could transform your relationship with your children!

So you do NOT want to miss this week’s vlog episode which is packed with both professional and personal tips for achieving excellence in YOUR life!


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