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Jeff Lerner was at the end of his rope. He had failed several careers and was now financially broke. He ran from creditors while he sought the right career match. When Jeff was searching for his next career move, he discovered affiliate marketing.

Jeff Lerner reviews have become more popular as a result of the high number of students who graduate from his program. Jeff started Entre Institute in 2018 and has helped thousands become entrepreneurs. Because of his positive feedback and media coverage, he is now one of the most prominent voices within internet marketing.

Jeff's story is quite unique. He was a jazz pianist until he lost his only source of income after a string of failed businesses ended in bankruptcy. After sustaining a hand injury, his only source of income was gone. He was determined to succeed, and learned all he could about entrepreneurship and business. His annual sales now exceed $100 millions.

Today I’m joined by Kent Clothier! Real estate investor, trainer and national speaker.

Kent has built 11 businesses that turn over between $3 Million and $1.8 Billion a year… it’s not one to miss!

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Kent started his first arbitrage business at the ripe age of 17.

13 years later, his entrepreneur empire was turning over $1.8 billion in annual sales.

But one day, Kent’s empire came crashing down.

He lost millions of dollars and hit rock bottom.

Ready to discover how he made his comeback? Watch the full interview now! 👆

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