Xurli - Jeff Lerner's Former Company

President; CEO

Jeff Lerner is the founder and CEO at Xurli. It's one of the fastest-growing digital marketing agencies in America. Xurli was founded in 2003 and has since helped over 11,000 local businesses establish their online presence. It also launched business services and inbound marketing divisions.

Jeff is an entrepreneur from the age of 16 (1995), when he tried his first online business. It was a worldwide lottery that could be played in 50 languages, and accepted dozens upon dozens of currencies. After his programmer quit, he quickly realized that an idea was only as good as its team. He had to give up on the project. The seed was planted. He cofounded the company that used text messaging (SMS) to market local businesses and real-estate companies in 2005. He opened his first franchise restaurant in Houston, Texas, in 2007.

He quickly realized what many local business owners had been learning: that marketing local businesses in the 21st Century was much more complex than the "Yellow Pages wait strategy" of previous decades. Jeff soon realized that his passion was greater than his passion to market brick-and-mortar businesses. He closed his restaurants in 2009 and switched to full-time online marketing as a consultant and for himself.

Xurli was founded by Jeff in 2013 with the goal of simplifying the online environment for local business owners. Jeff believes that the Internet does not make a person or company any better. It is simply a way to communicate a message. This means that a local business can shine online and attract new customers or collapse and disappear completely. Xurli aims at being the guide that guarantees the best outcome for its clients.

He is also a sought-after speaker and coach for entrepreneurs, having given speeches in several states. His first book, Money Rehab: Kicking the Habits That Keep you Broke is his current project.

Jeff enjoys music, reading and traveling. He also loves his family. Magna Cum Laude graduated from the University of Houston in Jazz Piano with a minor in Finance. He lives with his wife, and their four children in St. George.

Jeff has an active Google AdWords certification with Partner ID#



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