Jeff Lerner | Unfair Advantage: The Power of Financial Education

Unfair Advantage: The Power of Financial Education

by Robert T. Kiyosaki

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Robert Kiyosaki, who is the author of Conspiracy of the Rich (2010), takes a hard-hitting look into the factors that affect people of all walks of life. He focuses on how they cope with changes and the challenges that affect their financial lives.

Robert highlights his points in Unfair Advantage -- Financial Education's Power and challenges readers to change the way they think and act. It is important that readers stop accepting the fact that they are disadvantaged and have limited options. Readers are encouraged to think beyond the limitations of their options and question the notion that they will always struggle financially.

Robert's new approach to his tried-and-true messages is clear and actionable. This includes steps any individual or family can follow, beginning with education. Education is applied knowledge. This powerful strategy yields measurable results.

Rich Dad fashion, readers are challenged to see two perspectives and discover how financial knowledge can be their unfair advantage.

Why is it that the wealthy get richer even during financial crises? Robert's new book, An unfair advantage, confirms this message and encourages readers to change their perspective and take a different approach. It is important for readers to not accept that they are disadvantaged and have limited options. They should challenge the idea that they will always struggle financially.

What can school teach you about money and how do you get it? Most of the time, the answer to this question is "Not much." Financial education is taught by financial planners and banksters, who are the agents of Wall Street, big banks and the people who caused and profited greatly from the financial crisis.

This book is all about financial education. This book is about how taxes and debt make the wealthy richer and why taxes and debt cause the middle class to struggle.

This book will explain why the wealthy get richer and pay less taxes while the middle class shrinks. Many people lose their homes and jobs and have to pay more taxes. This book focuses on the five unfair benefits that real financial education can offer.

Unfair Advantage of Knowledge

The unfair advantage of taxes

The Unfair Advantage of Debt

The unfair advantage of risk

The Unfair Advantage of Compensation

These five unjust advantages are the results of financial education.