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Both Rachel and I are financially free. But we achieved it in very different ways. Combine our strategies and you have the ultimate shortcut...

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Today’s interview for the Millionaire Secrets podcast, "Retired At 27 With These Insanely Valuable Money Lessons ", is with Rachel Richards.

Rachel went from working for $7.25 per hour at American Eagle by day, and hustling to sell Cutco knives at night… completely retired by age 28.

She’s an author of 2 bestselling books, a public speaker, and a digital course creator.

But, ultimately…

Rachel’s financial freedom comes from her 40 unit real estate portfolio.

How she achieved such an impressive portfolio at such a young age is impressive yet…


Rachel was both frugal and driven from a very early age. She was determined to live a life of total freedom.

I know that’s something that many of us can relate to here at ENTRE. The desperate thirst for a life lived on our own terms.

So why is it that Rachel succeeded - while so many others fail?

Graduating from college, she landed a job for $36,000 per year as a financial advisor. And this is where the rubber meets the road in her exceptional story.

How Rachel used her humble $36,000… the difference between retiring at 28 - and working for decades longer.

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