Jeff Lerner | The Cycle of Leadership: How Great Leaders Teach

The Cycle of Leadership: How Great Leaders Teach Their Companies to Win

by Noel M. Tichy

Success can be elusive.

But in reality, success in business has a lot LESS to do with money and a LOT more to do with YOU!

Create the life you've always wanted! 👉

Throughout the history of “Millionaire Secrets,” I’ve spoken to many interesting and successful people.

They’ve all come from different walks of life, and they all run very different types of businesses.

Yet all of them have this same preoccupation with a successful mindset.

From talking to all of these people, I’ve learned that thinking successfully is a FAR more significant contributor to success than any business plan you can put in place.

Put simply…

You’re BOUND to fail if you don’t have the right mindset!

I’ve put together this video which features different guests from various episodes of Millionaire Secrets.

All of them have a technique or method they use to achieve the right mindset.

So if you’re struggling with your business, or you’re afraid of failing before you’ve even started…


And make sure you start fixing your mindset BEFORE you start fixing your business!


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