Jeff Lerner Review by Smadar Oren

Oren being a work-from-home individual despite having a law degree also joined Jeff’s training for getting something better. She added that before joining the training, she was not fully satisfied, however, after meeting Jeff, things became clear and she decided to make a digital agency. Though it is not an easy task, however, the path to accomplishing this task became clear with the help of this flawless mentor.

As a work at home parent I really need something to keep me going outside of my kids (not that I don’t love them of course ; - ) . I came out of Law School and ended up raising a family instead while my spouse works. I don’t mind that things have not worked out as I planned - but I am convinced now after taking the first level of Jeff’s training - that maybe I actually could create a digital agency and be successful at it. He does not say it will be easy. But the path is pretty clear.

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