Jeff Lerner | Authentic Leadership

Authentic Leadership: Rediscovering the Secrets to Creating Lasting Value / Edition 1

by Bill George

I decided to take Jeff's Training System because I was a bit bored and wanted something new. The training is very practical and easy to understand, which makes it easier for me to implement the techniques into my business.

There have been very few CEOs who have stood up as examples of "doing it right" in the face of corporate scandals. Bill George, the former chairman and CEO at Medtronic was one exception. George is the unofficial spokesperson of responsible leadership in business, media and academia.

Authentic Leader Bill George argues that we need new leaders to overcome the current corporate crisis. Not just new laws. He convincingly shows that mission-driven leaders will produce far more shareholder value than financial-oriented companies. Medtronic's market capitalization increased by an average of 35% each year during George's 12-year tenure as its leader. It grew from $1.1 billion up to $460 billion over his twelve years in charge.

George candidly shares many of the most difficult challenges he faced, from ethical dilemmas to battles with FDA to his own growth as a leader. He demonstrates how to cultivate the five essential components of authentic leaders: purpose, values, heart and relationships, self-discipline, self-discipline, and heart. Authentic Leadership provides inspiring lessons for all who desire to lead with heartfelt compassion and love for the people they serve.

Bill George answers vital questions like: How do I reconcile my personal and business values with those of the company? How can I find a balance between my customers' needs, the needs of my employees and the shareholders of my company? Are my talents really worth putting into business? Authentic leadership is a guide for character-based leaders, and all others who are interested in the success and integrity of our companies.