Jeff Lerner - Grow a Pair: How to Stop Being a Victim

Grow a Pair: How to Stop Being a Victim and Take Back Your Life, Your Business, and Your Sanity

by Larry Winget

I first found Jeff Lerner's Youtube Channel after searching for a good marketing channel. I had recently been promoted to the position of COO and with that came a new set of responsibilities, including managing my own time.

The straight-talking, New York Times bestseller author and Pitbull Of Personal Development(r), is back with a concise and prescriptive guide for success.

Larry is a five-time best-selling author and one the nation's most prominent business speakers. He has a reputation of being the first to challenge positive-attraction gurus as well as the law-of attraction bozos through his common-sense approach to success. Larry is not afraid to be blunt and uncomfortable. He wants people to stop making excuses and get results.

In Get a pair Larry discusses entitlement culture, self-help movement and political correctness. Larry's advice doesn't revolve around anatomy. It's all about attitude. We've all heard "grow two," but Larry's advice goes beyond that. We must reject victimhood and embrace assertiveness, taking responsibility for our actions and be strong.

Prescriptive advice for career planning, goal setting, personal finance and more Get a pair This will give readers the boost they need.