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Jeff Lerner - Entrepreneur, Speaker, and Author

Jeff Lerner is an entrepreneur, speaker, and author. He started his first company in 1998, and later founded two more. In addition to launching these companies, he gave seminars on entrepreneurship and education. His company, Entresoft, is among the top business management software packages for small businesses. He has also hosted a top business podcast on YouTube. He is currently a partner and a co-founder of WHAMmobile, a mobile music service.

In addition to his books, Lerner has created a television show called "Unlock Your Potential." In this show, he interviews successful people on various subjects, including personal finance and investing. The program has 190 episodes as of November 2021. This is a great way to learn more about how to start your own business. There is no better way to start your own company than with the internet. It's simple and easy to start a free website, or even a mobile application.

In addition to the podcast, Lerner has created several online channels. He also has a popular blog where he interviews successful entrepreneurs about their business. In addition to publishing his own books, he has a popular YouTube channel, which hosts videos of his interviews. You can also subscribe to the Millionaire Secrets YouTube channel to hear his own audio and video versions of the program. The Entre Institute's content is abundant and constantly growing, so make sure to check it out.