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Come see why this week was so incredibly special to me and the rest of my family.

Working hard doesn't mean you can't make time to laugh and even go on fun lunch dates!

I’ll also open up and introduce someone incredibly important to my family.

Stella’s surrogate mom - Jess.

You’ll also get a sneak peek at me in the studio making videos and changing lives.

I’ll also show you what I rewarded myself with at the end of the week…

Trust me… It’s not what you think! ;)

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8 months ago

Wow. That surrogate reunion was so sweet. And that story about the Entre student and the life he saved was incredible. This vlog episode had all the feels....except the feels for Jordan's hair. Do NOT touch Jordan's hair!



8 months ago

Having been a surrogate for another amazing couple, watching that reunion was so touching and made me miss the family I carried for. Haven’t seen them in 2 years.


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8 months ago

🙏 5 Things to Never Do in Rush:

1) Giving away your trust

2) Making big desicions

3) Judging someone's character

4) Falling in love

5) Eating your food

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8 months ago

Love to see how intimate your relationship


8 months ago

well there goes my plan to move into a nice neighborhood for some peace and quiet!


7 months ago

Ha ha, you’re the crazy neighbors! Love ya Jeff


8 months ago

💯 10 Important Lessons:

◾ 1) Stop Living for Other People.

◾ 2) Stop skipping the gym.

◾ 3) Stop trying to be cool -> be yourself.

◾ 4) Stop chasing relationships -> find yourself.

◾ 5) Focus on your personal growth.

◾ 6) Stop keeping yourself in your comfort zone.

◾ 7) Don't waste your precious time.

◾ 8) Have a spiritual practice.

◾ 9) Make mistakes and learn from them.

◾ 10) Start investing in yourself.

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8 months ago (edited)

First view😍🤩from india