Jeff Lerner | Making Ideas Happen

Making Ideas Happen: Overcoming the Obstacles Between Vision and Reality

by Scott Belsky

I have learned so much from Jeff in such a short period of time and his advice has helped me to take my affiliate marketing website from zero subscribers (my first month) all the way up to over 7,000 subscribers today! His tips have allowed me 1) increase my affiliate marketing profits by 20% 2) increased my confidence for any future liquidity events 3) exploded my confidence for business 4) taught me how even one small change could help get you ahead of your competition

The world's most innovative innovators show us how they push their ideas forward again and again

Edison once said genius was 99 percent inspiration and 1 percent perspiration. Though ideas for new businesses and solutions to world problems are common, great execution is uncommon.

Scott Belsky believes that anyone can develop the ability to make ideas come to life if they are able to improve their leadership skills and organizational habits. Behance is a company that assists creative people and teams from all industries to develop these skills.

Belsky spent six years researching the habits and practices of creative people and teams who are particularly productive. These are the ones who make their ideas come to life time after time. After interviewing hundreds of successful creatives, he has compiled their most powerful-and often counterintuitive-practices, such as:

*Generate ideas with moderation, and kill ideas freely

*Prioritize nagging

*Encourage fighting within the team

Belsky demonstrates why it is better to have the ability to create ideas. This capacity can be sustained over time, and is something many of us obsess over.