Jeff Lerner | The Millionaire Mind

The Millionaire Mind

by Thomas J. Stanley

"HT0_ The Millionaire mind is a book that will appeal to entrepreneurs. It provides step-by-step instructions on how millionaires created their niches. Dr. Thomas J. Stanley's second bestseller The Millionaire Mind remained on the New York Times bestsellers list for over four months, climbing to #2. It has also sold more than half a million copies. This is the first paperback edition Stanley's second landmark study on America's wealthy.

The Millionaire mind focuses on a group of millionaires who have amassed substantial wealth and live in open displays of their wealth. Dr. Stanley offers a fascinating insight into the beliefs, habits, and ideas that allowed these millionaires to build their fortunes and keep them there.

*How were their school days?

*How did they react to criticisms?

*What are the characteristics and spouses of millionaires?

*Is religion important in their lives?

These and other questions are answered by the author, who shows readers how concrete examples can show them why the wealthy succeed when others turn away discouraged or beat.

The Millionaire Mind is as transformative as Dr. Stanley’s best-seller. The book addresses universal questions using solid statistical evidence, in an accessible and relatable manner. This book will be a classic and will sell millions of copies.