Jeff Lerner | Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ

Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ

by Daniel Goleman

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"A persuasive, thoughtfully written account of emotional intelligence and why it is crucial ."-- USA Today

High IQ does not guarantee success, happiness or virtue. However, Emotional Intelligence was the first to explain why. Daniel Goleman's amazing report, which was compiled at the frontiers neuroscience and psychology, offers a fascinating insight into the "two minds", the rational and emotional. And how they interact to shape our destiny.

Goleman draws on brain and behavioral research to show why people with high IQs fail and others who do well. These factors include self-awareness and self-discipline. Empathy is another way to be smart. Even though emotional intelligence is shaped by our childhood experiences, it can be nurtured, strengthened, and used to benefit our health, relationships, and work.

The twenty-fifth-anniversary edition of Emotional Intelligence could not come at a better time--we spend so much of our time online, more and more jobs are becoming automated and digitized, and our children are picking up new technology faster than we ever imagined. With a new introduction from the author, the twenty-fifth-anniversary edition prepares readers, now more than ever, to reach their fullest potential and stand out from the pack with the help of EI.