How to Reduce Costs & Global Footprint in your e-Comm

I have been using Jeff's system for a while now and I can say that it has helped me increase my marketing skills. The software is very easy to use and the results are amazing. It shows you exactly what works in your niche online business, so that you know which products to promote, how much time they take up on social media and where they perform best. You will also learn about different types of content like infographics or videos that perform well with specific audiences, as well as many other useful tips for making money online through affiliate marketing or selling products on Amazon. - JL

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How to Reduce Costs & Global Footprint in your e-Comm

Doing Your Bit For The Environment Whilst Building Your Dream Business

So what with the pandemic, you can be forgiven for forgetting about the wild bush fires in the Amazon rainforest and Australia earlier this year. Nevertheless, the fight against global warming has been ongoing despite the turbulent times we’ve all been experiencing in recent months.

You might be surprised to hear that many tech start-ups are on the frontline of this fight for a greener future. An area of focus, in particular, has been the eCommerce industry and its delivery of goods to customers.

Enter, - a Dutch startup that is now available across the US. Loop has innovatively designed a way to save the industry millions of dollars in missed deliveries whilst, simultaneously, making e-Comm greener than ever.

To learn more about how Loop can reduce your e-Comm costs and help to save the environment...drop in this live stream.


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The one primer you need to launch, lead, and sponsor successful projects.

We're now living in the project economy. The number of projects initiated in all sectors has skyrocketed, and project management skills have become essential for every leader and manager. Still, project failure rates remain extremely high. Why? Leaders oversee too many projects and have too little visibility into them. Project managers struggle to translate their hands-on, technical knowledge up to senior management. The result? Worthy projects are starved of time and resources and fail to deliver benefits, while too much investment goes into the wrong projects. To compete in the project economy, you need to close this gap. The HBR Project Management Handbook shows you how.

In this comprehensive guide, project management expert Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez presents a new and simple framework that will increase any project's likelihood of success. Packed with case studies from many industries worldwide, it will teach you how to manage your organization's projects, strategic programs, and agile initiatives more effectively and push the best ones ahead to completion. Timeless yet forward-looking, this book will help you win in the project-driven world.

In the HBR Project Management Handbook you'll find:

  • Everything you need to know about project management in practical, nontechnical language

  • A definitive taxonomy of project types, from product launches to digital transformations to megaprojects

  • A road map for becoming an effective project leader and executive sponsor

  • A new, simple, and universal project framework, the Project Canvas, that breaks down any project into essential building blocks that can be easily understood by all project stakeholders

  • Original concepts and exclusive case studies from public- and private-sector organizations worldwide

You'll learn:

  • A common language for project managers and executives to run successful projects across your organization

  • When to use agile, traditional, or hybrid methods in your projects

  • The twelve principles of successful projects, including purpose, agility, and a focus on outcomes

  • Techniques for selecting and advancing the best projects and managing a strategic and balanced project portfolio

  • How today's projects will help address some of the most pressing global trends, including automation, sustainability, diversity, and crisis management

  • Why project management needed to be reinvented and what the future holds