Jeff Lerner | The Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs

The Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs: Insanely Different Principles for Breakthrough Success

by Carmine Gallo

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Now available in paperback - the "Think Different” approach to innovation, based on Apple's legendary CEO Steve Jobs' guiding principles.

The Innovation Secrets Of Steve Jobs celebrates the life and legacy one of the greatest innovators of all times. It has become a landmark in this field that is as inspiring and powerful as Jobs himself. This guide will show you how to apply Steve Jobs’s seven principles for innovation to any endeavor, field, or dream.

Apple's slogan, "Think Different," was more than just a marketing tool for Jobs. It was a way to live. A powerful, positive, and game-changing approach, it allowed Jobs to unleash his creative potential and turn his passions into innovative products. These innovations secrets, just like Steve Jobs, will inspire, challenge and motivate us all for many generations.