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Review by Justin Schriner

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What an interview I have for you on the Millionaire Secrets Podcast today!

I talk with 31-year-old entrepreneur and multi-millionaire Nathan Hirsch.

Nathan is the founder of the hugely popular freelancer/outsourcing platform and the outsourcing management/training business

His journey began at 15…

When he started working minimum wage jobs.

By the time he hit college Nathan already knew he needed to become an entrepreneur.

The idea of having a boss was not an option.

A few successful entrepreneurial experiments in college in his early 20s came and went before Nathan discovered...outsourcing.

Or more accurately…

The power of outsourcing

The need for outsourcing if a business is to scale

And the difficulty of doing outsourcing the right way

Seeing many businesses struggle to scale with poor staffing hires and the limitations of some of the existing freelance platforms…

...Nathan jumped into the world of outsourcing. FreeUp was born.

Millions were made.

I’m going to be honest…

Many times, whilst doing these podcast interviews, I’ve wanted to reach for a pen and paper and selfishly take some notes for my own business.

Only once before have I actually done that. And today is number two.

I’m not exaggerating when I say, the content in this one is pure gold. Inspirational and motivating? Yes, of course.

But, above all...practical.

I’ve built multiple 8-figure businesses with outsourcers, as you know. But even I felt like I had a lot to learn whilst listening to Nathan today.

This podcast is for you if… have dreams and aspirations of building a large digital business that will need staffing. OR if you already have a successful business and you’re looking to scale and manage more effectively.

Nathan shows us how…

...we can recruit highly-skilled staff, from the global marketplace on a budget.

And promote leaders from within.

There’s no need for all of the red tape and paperwork that comes with hiring locally.

Get your notepad ready and enjoy.

Listen to the Podcast below to enjoy the full interview with Nathan Hirsch.

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An enjoyable read

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Section on writing is excellent. I liked his style and how he talked about his side hustles.

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Needed this book!

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50 side hustles was a great read. I've been doing some side hustles / reselling on my own for a few months but wasn't sure what was the best way to make money... I am happy this author spent time to actually write this how-to book without being vague or leaving out details! The best chapter has to be the one about side hustles that require no skill!

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roy dean

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Anyone can hustle

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It was fun to read!! The book was very informative, encouraging, and entertaining. The author shared his experience and knowledge of how to make extra income in 50 various ways. Provided factual support and sources to help those interested in trying to hustle additional income.

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Excellent!! Everyone needs a second income source.

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Where was this book 10 years ago when I was a stay at home parent? Excellent writing and very informative. Gives lots of options to beat the $7.25 minimum wage that it seems will never change.

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Early last week this book came across my desk, via a co worker. I immediately thought it was going to be another get rich quick book. However, I can genuinely say this book was very thought out and extremely well delivered. The ideas in this book speak to long term success and sustainability. From an individual who has made a habit of having self generated income, I found this book to be helpful and shine light on new avenues of income without leaving the house. 10 of 10 would recommend to you, your spouse and anyone looking to add a little extra cash to their pocket. I’ve already passed along to several other employees and family members.

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Great, easy-to-follow guide to starting out as a side hustler. All sorts of website suggestions for writing, surveys, and then more interesting side hustles such as sneaker resale and affiliates. Definitely well worth the money/time to read.

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Got right down to business. Gives a ton of ways to make money on the side based on your lifestyle.

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