Jeff Lerner Review by Heather M

I discovered the Entre Institute at a conference where I was listening to John Benson speak. I consider John Benson to be one of the most skilled copywriters and sales writing training expert in the world and I was using his Sellerator software. When I found out that Jon was on staff at Entre Institute I immediately signed up. The videos and the Whiteboard trainings are great but there is more than just ‘rah rah’ hype. The Entre Institute program have me believing in myself again and I don't really think it's just for beginners. One of the challenges I would say probably only the critical point is that it's sort of like drinking from a fire hose.

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Meet The Better Half Of ENTRE

Everyone has a story to tell; it’s the journey they’ve been on.

And if you listen, there’s always something you can learn.

You’ll hear about growth and accomplishments, challenges and roadblocks, highs and lows, and, most importantly, everything they’ve learned along the way.

The story you’ll hear in this Livestream is particularly important to me because the person telling it is my best friend, my amazing wife, Jaqueline.

I’m excited for you guys to hear everything that’s made her the woman she is today because out of everyone I’ve had the privilege of talking to and learning from throughout my career, this woman is my biggest inspiration!

We’ll be talking about:

* Balancing home life, being a mother of 4, being a wife, and fulfilling personal goals.

* Lessons learned from iconic, inspirational people

* Vision, values, and what the practices behind living a happy, fulfilled life



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