Content Writing Versus Copy Writing

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Content Writing Versus Copy Writing is just the beginning...

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This is a topic I’ve been meaning to address for quite a while.

I see many people being a little confused about the differences between Content Writing VS Copy Writing.

So in today’s video, I cover exactly what these core differences are - and when/where you should use each of these writing styles in your business strategy.

Content Writing, for instance…

Is used to educate, entertain, and build rapport with your reader. The content can be rich in facts and have a multitude of purposes.

Copy Writing, on the other hand…

Is used for one purpose, and one purpose only. To learn what that is, go catch the full video.

To get where I am today, building ENTRE into a multi-million dollar business, I’ve had to master both formats of writing. For over a decade I’ve been working on these crafts - and I still consider myself a student.

That might sound a bit scary if you’re just starting out.

"Jeff, I don’t have a decade to get good at this. I want freedom now!"

I hear you.

That’s why I also offer up a great little tool/solution for those of you that want a helping hand 👉

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