Jeff Lerner | Success Secrets of the Online Marketing Superstars

Success Secrets of the Online Marketing Superstars

by Mitch Meyerson

I have been using Jeff Lerner's Marketing Method for a few months now and I am really impressed with the results. The technique is easy to use, gives you an instant boost in traffic and revenue. I have seen my website gain more followers on Instagram and Youtube which has increased my social media traffic by 200%.

This chapter features contributions by: Jay Baer and John Jantsch, Kim Garst. Sonia Simone. Donna Moritz. Denise Wakeman. Barbara Rozgonyi. Brian Dean. Syed Balkhi. Eric Ward. Andrea Vahl. Beth Hayden. Lou Bortone. Viveka Von Rosen. Stephan Hovnanian. Jason van Orden. Sue B. Zimmerman. Bob Baker. Kim Dushinski. Ian Cleary. Craig Valentine.

The playbooks of 23 well-respected and respected online marketers reveal the best strategies and tactics to capture new customers and influence ongoing purchases from existing customers.

Each chapter contains a coaching session that helps business owners avoid making the same mistakes and pitfalls as the experts. The reader will learn how to build a personal brand and an online presence. They also learn how to create a social media strategy that drives traffic. They learn how to create and use content that converts visitors and customers into buyers, as well as how to succeed with SEO, Pay-per-Click, and linking strategies that rank websites. Information on how to leverage social networking apps such as Facebook, Instagram, and online video is also included. It is also important to avoid making the same mistakes that new online businesses make.