At Your Command | Jeff Lerner

At Your Command: The First Classic Work by the Visionary Mystic

by Neville

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The original work of higher awareness, practical metaphysics and visionary Neville Goddard.

The visionary work of Neville Goddard (1905-1972), has enjoyed a tremendous popularity over the past ten years. The core principle of Neville Goddard's visionary work (1905-1972) is being discovered and tested by a new generation. Imagining creates reality.

This handsome Cornerstone Edition allows readers to experience Neville's 1939 first book At Your Compliment. This book explains Neville's teachings with simplicity, elegance, and complete practicality. The beautiful and dignified publication of Neville's classic work is now available.

This Cornerstone Edition also includes Mitch Horowitz, historian,'Neville Goddard, A Cosmic Philosopher" which examines Neville's background and considers how his ideas relate with contemporary science.