Jeff Lerner | Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business by Gino Wickman

Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business

by Gino Wickman

Jeff Lerner is a great entrepreneur and mentor. He teaches about entrepreneurship in his videos and how to make money online on Youtube. He has many helpful videos that are very informative for people interested in making money from home, affiliate marketing or starting their own business. If you want to learn more about ways to start your own business online then I highly recommend checking out Jeff's youtube channel! RG

Are you in control of your business or do you feel like your business has taken control of you?

All entrepreneurs and business leaders face similar frustrations--personnel conflict, profit woes, and inadequate growth. It seems that decisions never get made or are not properly implemented. There is a way. It's not difficult or abstract. The Entrepreneurial Operating Systems(r) is a practical way to achieve the business success that you always wanted. EOS has been used by more than 80,000 businesses.

Traction will teach you how to strengthen the six core components of your company. There are simple, yet powerful, ways that you can run your business that will allow you and your team to be more focused, grow, and enjoy your work. You can also apply Traction to make your business profitable and stress-free.

You can find a companion book called Get A Grip that demonstrates how to apply Traction in real life to your business.