Train Your Subconscious to Make Money

Lerner began his digital entrepreneurial journey at the age of 23. He was able to make six figures from his businesses within three years. After becoming obsessed with the enterprise, he decided to start an internet business.

He is a digital entrepreneur who has been a success and inspires others. Lerner is now a motivational and teaching expert after more than a decade of internet businesses that were successful and had a combined value of over $100M. Since 2018, ENTRE Institute has taught over 150,000 students entrepreneurial skills.

2:20 Investment Group LLC was founded by him. This real-estate company focuses on property and owns properties in many states, including Texas, Utah Georgia, Georgia, Ohio, and Georgia. WHAMmobile, a mobile-marketing company; Xurli Digital Agency and software company; Entresoft and Entre Institute are other companies he has founded. Entresoft offers a complete suite of business tools and is focused on real estate.

Jeff began working as a pianist for wealthy CEOs in his 20s. In his early 20s, Jeff began working for himself as a pianist, providing entertainment for wealthy CEOs and company leaders.

He also revealed that he will be writing a book in 2022.