Melissa Evans Jeff Lerner Review

Meet Melissa Evans from Dallas, Texas. Before joining ENTRE, she was working in a 6-figure income job, however, she had no free time. She’d always wanted more freedom in her life, more time with her family and a chance to travel. So when she came across ENTRE on social media, she immediately joined ENTRE Blueprint and started learning about affiliate marketing. Right now, she sees it as her calling to turn her passion into an online business and create her dream lifestyle.

On today’s episode of the Millionaire Secrets podcast, I interview Dan Henry.

In the world of digital marketing, Dan is famous for going from pizza delivery boy to multi-millionaire.

Dan casually mentions that he recently purchased himself a yacht. Yes, you read that right - a yacht. Guess he won’t be going back to that pizza job anytime soon!

So what made Dan different from the other 15 pizza delivery people he worked with?

Why did he succeed while they failed?

I’ll save his answer for your viewing pleasure.

Like myself, Dan is also a musician. We talk about the similarities in attitude that it takes to learn how to play an instrument and build a business.

We even credit some of our entrepreneurial successes to the hours we spent in musical practice.

This is another great interview for Millionaire Secrets because really dig deep into the psychological leverage points that catapulted Dan from pizza boy to millionaire.

There’s more,

We discuss how and why people somehow expect to become millionaire entrepreneurs without putting in time and effort.

Society expects a pilot to study how to fly. A doctor to study medicine. A lawyer to study law.

But for some reason,

Online entrepreneurs think that they don’t need to study business to be successful. And then complain that they have to pay for educational materials.

People are sucked into this world by the dream of working 1 hour a day from the beach.

But as Dan says, if you only want to work 1 hour a day on your business, you don’t deserve success. You deserve to be digging ditches.

Dan and I cover so much ground today. You’ll enjoy this one!

Listen to the Podcast below to enjoy the full interview with Dan Henry:

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Melissa Evans Reviews

Webflow by Example: Design, build, and publish modern websites without writing code

by Ali Rushdan Tariq (Author)

3.9 out of 5 stars

3 ratings

Create modern responsive sites without the need to code, by making the maximum use of the flexibility and power of Webflow.

Key Features

  • Explore Webflow to create and launch responsive websites from the ground up

  • Learn to put Webflow in practice, and make the most of its flexibility and power

  • Create modern responsive websites from scratch with no code

Book Description

Webflow is an advanced, web-building tool that does not require any code to quickly design and create responsive, production-scale websites. Webflow by Exemple is a useful beginner-friendly, project-based guide to learning and using Webflow to quickly create and launch responsive websites starting from beginning to finish.

In addition to hands-on tutorials and tasks, and self-assessment exercises This easy-to-follow guide will guide you through the latest web development concepts and guide you apply them effectively with Webflow. Learn to become familiar the latest responsive web development and learn how to benefit from the flexibility and power of Webflow's flexibility and power. The book will take you through a project that will allow you to develop a fully responsive dynamic website starting from beginning to finish. Learn how to incorporate interactions and animations, personalize experiences for your users and much more. The book also covers essential guidelines and steps to creating a website that is prepared for launch, which includes SEO optimization as well as the best way to make sure you publish and package your website.

When you finish the Webflow book, you'll have the knowledge required to design modern responsive websites without the need for code.

What you'll be able to

  • Create and modify websites with no code

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  • Make use of the potential that is Webflow CMS to create dynamic content. Webflow CMS to create dynamic content

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Who is this book for?

For those who are entrepreneurs web designer, or someone who has no knowledge of web development this book will guide you through how to design fully mobile websites and web prototypes without writing even a single word of code. If you're already a Web developer This book will help you become an informed web developer. In the event that you're already a developer this book will assist you to develop into a better web designer.

Table of Contents

  1. Why Webflow?

  2. The Web in a Nutshell

  3. Setting Up Your First Project

  4. Construction above the Fold

  5. Building the Rest of the Body

  6. Making It Responsive

  7. Introduction to Interactions and Animations

  8. Advanced Interactions

  9. How to Get Started with Webflow CMS

  10. Creating Your First CMS Project

  11. Creating Collection Pages

  12. Managing CMS Projects

  13. Publishing Projects to the Web

  14. Using Webflow Editor to Update Websites


5.0 out of 5 stars

A comprehensive all-in-one guide to Webflow

Reviewed in the United States on January 21, 2022

I'm still making my way through the book, but so far I've enjoyed it. It's a great addition to Webflow University, I feel it's sometimes easier to read a book than sit in front of the computer and watch tutorials. For me, the combination of both is the way.


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5.0 out of 5 stars

The webflow resource I’ve been waiting for

Reviewed in the United States on February 4, 2022

I am a product designer by trade and i have tried multiple times to break into the world of webflow. I’m not done with this book yet but I can already tell that this book has been the resource I have been waiting for! No stopping videos to catch up, just go at your own pace and do the work. Highly recommend