Jeff Lerner | The Ravens: How to prepare for and profit for the Turbulent Times Ahead

The Ravens: How to prepare for and profit from the turbulent times ahead

by Robert Kiyosaki, James Rickards

Robert Kiyosaki & James Rickards, the best-selling authors, look forward to the future and share their insight on how to profit from turbulent times.

The symbolism associated with the raven is complicated. While its black plumage, croaking sound, and croaking call can be associated with loss or ill omens often, ravens are also thought to be unusually intelligent and have been considered the symbol of wisdom, insight and prophecy.

The title of the book is also a nod towards Felix Somary who was a banker, social thinker and diplomat, and a tireless advocate for currency integrity as key to democracy survival. He was known as "The Raven in Zurich" because of his dire, but accurate predictions about the future.

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