MARK BELL | The Powerlifter Who Started a Million-Dollar Fitness Revolution

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The Powerlifter Who Started a Multi-Million Dollar Fitness Revolution.

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This week I’m joined by Mark Bell, the gym trainer who launched a multi-million dollar business empire. Mark leveraged his successful career in powerlifting and revolutionized the fitness industry forever.

Mark is a veteran at turning simple ideas into successful enterprises. In doing so, he's made his mark as a disruptor of the fitness industry.

Here a few of his achievements:

Invented The Sling Shot®, a million-dollar fitness device

Founded the award-winning gym, Super Training

Creator and host of one of the Top 50 Health Podcasts, The Mark Bell Power Project.

So how did Mark go from being an every-day gym trainer to launching a million-dollar fitness empire?

Watch the full interview to find out.

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Million-Dollar Fitness Revolution

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Making it in this field is quite simple. It's simply easier not to be successful.

Most of you will believe that getting in top condition is simple, isn't it? Make sure you eat right, adhere to regular workout routines and rest, hydrate, and make sure you visit your doctor on a regular basis to check your blood levels and ensure that all your levels are in order and in a relatively quick time... your body will be able to see impressive outcomes.

This is the same for marketing. The book is full of pages of marketing strategies that are fairly simple to implement, so your company can achieve great results. However, you'll need to apply them. You've got to follow the steps you tell your customers and your members to do: step outside of the comfort zone to take the time to do what you can.

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This book is short and to the point. Great information that never ages. I recommend this book. A solid read.


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Gym Owners Handbook!

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Very quick cut to the chase book for everyone in the Fitness Industry! If you are a personal trainer or Gym Owner this book is a must read 4U! I highly recommend it! Mike have been working with 100s of gym owners worldwide and the best part is that he never stops keep learning and he always shares his latest finds in business and in marketing!

He is revolutionizing the fitness marketing industry which allows us gym owners to revolutionize the fitness industry! You need a guy like Mike in your corner!

Peter Stellato

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It teaches you how to act, be confident, smart, and aware in a short book. The tools are given and action is required!


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Brittany M Welk

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A lot of the information was a great refresher, however I did pick up several ERI’s bits I can start executing immediately. Mike Arce is a great friend and mentor to my surprise I didn’t have a clue I would be in his book. I’d highly recommend all entrepreneurs in the fitness industry to read!


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