Jeff Lerner | 300 powerful quotes from top motivators

300 powerful quotes from top motivators Tony Robbins Zig Ziglar Robert Kiyosaki John Maxwell ... to lift you up.


"New Year = New Life!" Today, decide who you want to be and what you will do with your life. Tony Robbins: Leaders spend 5% on the problem and 95% on the solution. It's time to get over it and crush it! Tony Robbins: "One of the reasons so many people don't achieve what they truly desire is because we never focus our attention; we never concentrate on our strengths." People are content to learn as they go, but not to master any one thing. Tony Robbins: "The only problem is that we believe we are not meant to have problems!" Problems are a call to higher levels--face them and solve them immediately!

Tony Robbins

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