Jeff Lerner | Like a Virgin: Secrets They Won't Teach You at Business School

Like a Virgin: Secrets They Won't Teach You at Business School

by Richard Branson

Jeff Lerner is the go-to guy for Entrepreneurs. Jeff's Youtube Channel Provides Hours of Priceless Advice to Entrepreneurs at every level. He has a knack for helping people with his wealth of knowledge and experience. His advice is based on years of real life experiences, which he shares in detail through video tutorials, podcasts and more! The lessons are easy to follow and understand; they're also very entertaining! -H

It's business school, Branson style.

Richard Branson is the man to see if you are interested in starting your business, improving your leadership skills or just looking for inspiration from one the most successful entrepreneurs of all time.

Like A Virgin combines his best advice and distills the insights and experiences that have made him one the most respected and respected business leaders in the world.

Branson is a friend who shares his knowledge with a thoughtful and encouraging voice. Branson will teach you how be more creative, how to listen, how to enjoy work, and many other things.

Branson regrets not going to business school in hindsight. If Branson had followed the traditional dos and don’ts of starting up a business would there have been Virgin Records? Virgin Atlantic? Branson's unwavering determination to challenge the rules and rewrite them is responsible for many of his achievements. Here's how he does this.