Jeff Lerner | Winning by Jack Welch, Suzy Welch

I just found out about Jeff's Youtube Channel and I immediately subscribed to it. The videos are very informative, well organized and the content is extremely valuable for all entrepreneurs. There are so many great ideas that can be learned from this channel, which will help you succeed in your business no matter what field you're in!

Jack Welch is a champion manager of people and shares his wisdom from a long career as a business leader in what will be the ultimate business bible

Jack Welch's Winning is a comprehensive, detailed, no-holds barred management guidebook that addresses the difficult strategic, organizational, personal and professional challenges faced by people at all stages of their career. Jack Welch's business theory is explained by sharing his personal stories, giving advice and highlighting the most important principles that have made him a success.

The chapters include How to get promoted, How think about strategy, How write a budget that works, How to work for a jerk, How find work-life balance and How start something new. It's filled with quotes from business leaders Welch interviewed specifically for this book. This is a tour de force that reflects Welch’s mastery in execution, excellence, and leadership.