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Everybody has an idol, an icon or an inspiration. Jeff Lerner, a breakthrough entrepreneur, is one such person for both aspiring and experienced entrepreneurs.

Jeff Lerner, a business leader and entrepreneur best known for his remarkable transformation from a struggling jazz musician to an industry leader with awards, is a top choice. His influence extends from his inspirational success story to the foundation of numerous online ventures including the enlightening ENTRE Institute. Lerner has a profound influence on today's highly lucrative digital spaces, having taught thousands of students how to run them and basic principles of personal development.

In his twenties, Jeff Lerner began a career as an entrepreneur. He was a pianist at high-profile events, and would use his profits to finance his ventures. But luck wasn't on his side. At the age of 29, he was deep in debt and had started several failed businesses. He was determined despite his difficult circumstances and discovered online business. He was a true game-changer after he had paid off all his $500,000 debt a year and a quarter later.

Lerner's story of success continues to inspire millions around the world. It is about how he rose from poverty and became an icon for innovation across many sectors. Jeff Lerner realized he had to do more for his followers as he grew in popularity. He founded the ENTRE Institute. With the goal of empowering individuals to achieve the three P's (physical, personal, and professional excellence) through entrepreneurial education, the ENTRE Institute was founded.

Lerner shared that ENTRE Institute has impacted over 100,000 people. It shows them how to create a great life by launching businesses and upgrading lives in every way possible.

The decorated entrepreneur was inspired to help struggling and aspiring business owners by securing his exclusive training materials. "Millionaire Secrets" was his first podcast. It is widely recognized as the most popular podcast in the world. "Millionaire Secrets," which has been a global success, allows the millionaire tycoon to share trade secrets and industry tips that have helped their rapid growth. The views have risen to millions since its launch. Brilliant magnate Michael Moore continues to upload videos and assist the public in their quest for financial freedom and excellence.

Jeff Lerner is undoubtedly a leading voice in the industry, with multiple initiatives to support his mission to elevate individuals. He is a leading figure in the 21st-century because of his deep knowledge of how to find lucrative opportunities and his ability to motivate others to become protagonists in their success stories.

Lerner is still active in his speaking engagements and media appearances. However, he continues to pursue his mission. His students, ventures, shows or recently published books "A Hacker's Guide To An Awesome Live" and "Millionaire Secrets : Things Rich People Don't Tell you", Jeff Lerner has changed the landscape of entrepreneurship. And he doesn't plan to stop.