Hack Your Habits for Success

Jeff Lerner was born March 1, 1979 in Houston, Texas. He is a serial entrepreneur, mentor and speaker. Lerner is a prolific founder, known for his problem-solving approach. He has built numerous businesses with well over $8 million in income.

Lerner established himself as an authority on the creation of startups and then turned his attention to creating the first university offering advanced learning exclusively for entrepreneurs. He founded ENTRE Institute in 2019, which has taught over 150,000 students how start a business. Lerner's vision to provide coaching to entrepreneurs has made ENTRE Institute a strong learning institution for entrepreneurs.

Three of Lerner's companies were included in the INC 5000 List. He speaks at industry events and conferences on topics such as entrepreneurship and education. Entresoft was launched by Lerner in 2021. It is a complete suite of business tools that became one of the most popular business management software packages for small businesses. On his YouTube channel, he hosts a podcast about the top 100 business podcasts.