This is the best thing I have ever done. It was so informative and easy to follow. Jeff Lerner is truly amazing, he knows how to teach people how to succeed in life. This course has been an eye opener for me, it taught me that my website doesn't need any more promotion than what I already do because of the traffic we get from social media platforms like facebook and instagram plus our natural traffic coming from search engines like google, yahoo etc.. We don't even need a big ad campaign at all! The courses were short but effective with real life examples as well as videos which helped show you exactly what needs to be done step by step on each page/posting or video you are making online... this really helps . . . - TL

How to save entrepreneurship… and in so doing save the world...

Open letter to ENTRE students:

The bigger ENTRE gets the more confident I feel to share what this movement is really all about. I know each one of us has a reason why we’re here, and I honor that reason, YOUR reason. But it’s important for me to share MY reason why I’m doing this.

Entrepreneurship, ie the tool that can give the average person the ability to be self-determined in this world through economic creativity, is the only way we’re going to fix this planet.

It is a common axiom of psychology that dependency breeds hostility and 99% of the people in this world are dependent for their survival. Dependent on an institution, a government, an employer, or even just another person.

Economic independence is the basis of social decency and functional happiness in a society. A society that cannibalizes the economic opportunity of the average citizen and reduces opportunity to a set of dependency options will eventually crumble.

Every great democratic society in world history was founded on a social contract among the merchant class. Heck, the first peep of Democracy on Earth was a system of economic checks-and-balances worked out by sellers in the public marketplace in ancient Athens.

As we drift from our entrepreneurial foundations in the developed world we imperil the fabric of that world itself.

It is for this reason that ENTRE is emerging as one of the most powerful movements on Earth and one of the the brightest beacons for not just entrepreneurial training, but for freedom, personal growth, human empowerment, kindness, love, and self-expression.

You may think you’re just here to build a business and make some bucks. This is me telling you that’s not the only reason you’re here.