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This is the best online business training course I have ever seen. Jeff Lerner has created a system that teaches you how to make money on your own while teaching you how to manage time and build a successful business. There are no shortcuts in this course, but it will teach you everything from setting up an email account, to building your list and even taking payments! - G

After establishing himself as an authority in founding startups, Lerner focused on then shifted his attention to establishing the world's first institution of advanced learning dedicated entirely to entrepreneurs. In 2019, he established ENTRE Institute, which has helped over 150,000 students how to start a business. Lerner’s vision of providing coaching to entrepreneurs has transformed ENTRE Institute to secure a strong position of learning institute for entrepreneurs.[3]

Lerner’s companies have been recognized by INC magazine and three of them were named in the INC 5000 list. He speaks at conferences and industry events on the topics of entrepreneurship and education. In 2021, Lerner launched Entresoft, a full suite of business tools and in a very short period of time, it became one of the most well-known business management software packages available for smaller companies. He also hosts a top 100 business podcast on his YouTube channel.

Don't do more today than you can fully recover from by tomorrow!

Create the life you've always wanted! 👉

Essentialism helps you to focus on what really matters to use your time and effort wisely by doing less. That’s the secret to achieving more success in what you want!

Join us in this episode with Greg McKeown, leadership and business strategist, public speaker, and author, who talks about how to discern the absolutely essential so you can make the greatest contribution towards the things that really matter.

McKeown is a New York Times best-selling author and leads The Essentialism Academy, a place created for the smart investment of your time to help you live more deliberately.

You'll want to see this episode until the end!

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