From $0 In The Bank To Real Estate Millionaire

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Today’s interview for the Millionaire Secrets Podcast, "From $0 In The Bank To Real Estate Millionaire ", is with my good pal Cody Hofhines.

We really dig deep into the psychology of success today and visit some pretty dark places in Cody’s journey to becoming a real estate millionaire.

In 2008 / 2009 Cody was flat broke.

With two young children to feed and bills coming in, he was only scraping by on $19k per year.

Coming home from work one night, he found his wife crying at the kitchen table.

The reason for her tears? Their finances. With the bills coming in, there was no way to survive for another month.

This was Cody’s breaking point.

Enough was enough.

He promised he’d find a way to make a good life for his young family and give back to the community.

And that’s exactly what he did.

He found a way out.

A way to get started in real estate - even though he had zero in the bank.

Funny thing is, Cody looks back on that tough time as being the complete making of him.

Great things come from hitting rock bottom.

I agree.

The leverage caused by pain can be the rocket fuel you need for success.

Beyond this, we also touch on the need to be a good steward of the money that comes to you.

How to rip-off and duplicate ethically.

And why 67% of NFL football players are broke within 3 years of retirement.

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