Make More Money in 2022

Many students are experiencing anxiety as they adjust to university life under the COVID-19 restrictions. Honors College alum Jeffery Lerner, ENTRE Institute CEO, reminds students to keep their eyes on what they can control.

Lerner stated, "This isn't a time to be anxious. This is a time to think creatively and execute well."

Lerner was a pianist and a former Moores School of Music music theory and composition major. In 2007, he made the decision to become a restaurant owner instead of merely focusing on his piano playing. Lerner lost his restaurant and was nearly half-a million dollars in debt due to the Great Recession of 2007-08.

Lerner was looking for a way to get out of a difficult situation and he turned to internet marketing. Lerner, who claims he's always been entrepreneurial, found a new home. According to Medium's article, Lerner was able to pay off his debts in 18 months and surpass $10 million in sales in ten years. In 2018, Lerner stated that he took his first breath in 10 years and then looked at the world of the internet.

Lerner stated, "In what can best described as the positive equivalent to an existential crisis," he said.

This decision is linked to Lerner’s favorite class at UH , The Human Situation, and in particular Professor Charlie Scott's discussion area. It was the first class in which I realized that I had a unique voice and could be respected by others. Lerner stated that some people view his business as an alternative for establishment education. However, as a high-school dropout, he understands the importance of college to prepare him for many future challenges and career paths.

Lerner was confident in his ability to market online and had a proven track record of success. ENTRE is an online platform which focuses on filtering and curating excessive information about building an online business.

Lerner says that many online businesses are geared towards short-term payoffs and are often scams. Instead, ENTRE examines digital real estate to help people determine what they should focus on if they are looking to create a business that will allow them to be financially and time-free.

Lerner believes that COVID-19 cases are increasing by the thousands each day. His advice to anyone suffering is to keep pushing yourself.

Lerner knows from personal experience that young people have a tendency not to challenge themselves but take the easy way out. Lerner stated, "You won't have more energy at this stage in your life than you do now." "Be the exception to that rule, push yourself and see what you can handle." Five years of freedom at age 60 will be possible with a year of determination at 18. Additional effort at 18 will feed compounding growth while laziness invites decay.